Taxation compliance

Taxation compliance is a necessary part of being in business of any sole trader or company. Falling behind or ignoring your taxation obligations will ultimately lead to the closure of your business.

At Grogan Ryan, our experienced specialists team will aim to ensure you meet your business taxation obligations and as a Director of the business, your personal taxation obligations on time every time.

Grogan Ryan have built up a strong relationship with the Revenue over the years and we can assist you in your dealings with the Revenue if you are falling behind in your taxation obligations. Falling behind in taxation payments is a very expensive way of financing your business as it leads to your business incurring additional large interest payments and can eventually lead your business to incurring Sheriff costs. The Revenue never want to be seen as a “Lender of last resort” but they can show a willingness and flexibility with proven viable businesses. We can help you to negotiate with the Revenue.

Waterford Taxation compliance and planning

Taxation Planning

Income Tax and Corporation tax are a significant cost to you and your business. As such it needs to be carefully planned and monitored. Our Team of experts at Grogan Ryan can help you to best plan for this taxation costs.

We can also advise you on all other forms of tax including Capital Gains tax, Gift and Inheritance tax, taxation planning for retirement from your business and more.

We would be delighted to meet with you to discuss your taxation planning needs.

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