At Grogan Ryan, we are delighted to offer our existing & potential clients an option of managing the accounts of their business online. Grogan Ryan have partnered Kashflow, a cloud based accounting system to offer this service. This service offering is aimed at small to medium sized growing businesses.

There are many advantages to managing your accounts on an online cloud based system, not least the ready availability of information where ever you are. Quite simply you log in to the secure system via the and enter your unique login and password to your accounting system. The system is extremely easy to use, so all daily/weekly/monthly transactions can be posted onto the system easily by your book keeper. The system further provides for the easy production of the monthly financials so you can see whether or not your business is actually making money.

Online Cloud Based Accounting

Flexibility to manage your accounts

Overall the system provides you with the flexibility to manage your accounts in many different ways including fully or partially outsourcing your accounting function. This means that although your business may not require a full time qualified Financial Controller to manage your accounts, you can have an experienced Financial Controller on your team from Grogan Ryan.

Here at Grogan Ryan we can help you to get set up on the system, we can monitor the system performance with you and we will work on producing meaningful up to date monthly financials with you. These will include the monthly profit & loss, cashflow projections, profit projections and any other type of report that would be deemed important to the efficient running of your business such as profitability by product/project.

Switching to the “Cloud”

By switching to the “cloud” you will have all the benefits of having a Financial Controller working in your business at a fraction of the costs of employing someone full time in the role. Overall this new service offering by Grogan Ryan will offer you a means of managing your business efficiently in a very cost effective manner.

Grogan Ryan, offer this outsourced service along with all our traditional services of auditing, statutory accounts, taxation compliance and more. Our full service offerings are available on our website,

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